Alternative Fuel Vehicles for Sale or Lease

Interested in buying or leasing an alternative fuel vehicle? A list of available vehicles are provided below. Mitsubishi announced its partnership with a major car rental company, which will offer a cost-efficient price for leasing an all-electric vehicle. In addition, federal and state tax credits will be lowered. The electric vehicle price is $5000-7000 lower with a 60-month lease. Interested public and non-profit fleet managers should take advantage of the offer!

State, county, city, university and college fleet managers can get all-electric vehicles by using operating budgets. Capital funds are not reuqired for approval. About 1,100 mayors have signed the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement: This new financing model is perfect for this cities. More than 650 college and university presidents have signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment: These cities and college/universities should convert their vehicles to all-electric because zero carbon emissions will be released. Since fuel costs are 70 percent less with electric cars than gasoline-fueled cars, operating transportation funds will be a beneficial choice. Come in in our casino project, we offer good offes for all kinf of player. Safe online casino only on